artisan entrePReneur program

In 2018 we launched our Entrepreneur Program that provides industry training, mentorship, and covers the cost of the supplies to provide new dignified work opportunities for Artisans. Our Entrepreneur Program allows for an accelerated learning and an alternate direct route to employment for individuals who are economically disadvantaged.

We focus on investing in local leaders, experts and rising entrepreneurs who teach and share their knowledge to lift up entire communities.



George (friendship photography) is a talented freelance local photographer who we work with on a regular basis to provide dignified employment, media equipment, connect with artists in the community and invest in his business potential. We are in the process of starting media workshops in the community led by him.



Our longstanding partnership with local artisan business ArtisanApparel-Uganda has allowed us to provide holistic support through mentorship, resources, employment opportunities and access to global markets.

In 2019, 6 young artisan girls are being trained in fashion design and tailoring, a sought after skill and profession in the community.

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basket weaving

Our basket workshops are led by Phionah, a Ugandan entrepreneur and expert basket weaver in Kampala. Phionah travels 6 hours north to spend 3 days with our artisans teaching them unique techniques and investing in their potential. Her insight + encouragement allowed for the Artisans to thrive with this new skill and she even hired artisans for her business after our workshop.

Artisan Entrepreneur Program invests in creative potential of the brilliant rising entrepreneurs of Gulu, Uganda
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