The Artisan Global team is made up of people from different cultures and cities, united by a common goal to create solutions to eradicate poverty through sustainability and entrepreneurship. Our team lives in Charleston, SC, Los Angeles, CA and Kampala and Gulu, Uganda.

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LAUREN SHIPLEY , Executive Director and Co-Founder

LAUREN SHIPLEY, Executive Director and Co-Founder

DEVON FELDMETH , Global Director and Co-Founder

DEVON FELDMETH, Global Director and Co-Founder

ASHLEY LIMEHOUSE , Director of Wellness

ASHLEY LIMEHOUSE, Director of Wellness

KETTY PROMISE , ArtisanApparel Director

KETTY PROMISE, ArtisanApparel Director

BOSCO ORYEM , Product Design Director

BOSCO ORYEM, Product Design Director

SHANTI PIENIAK , Operations Director

SHANTI PIENIAK, Operations Director

MIKAYLA KNIZEVSKI , Creative Director

MIKAYLA KNIZEVSKI, Creative Director

VERONICA LONYERA , Lead Fashion Designer

VERONICA LONYERA, Lead Fashion Designer

EMMA MUGISHA , ArtisanGulu Architect

EMMA MUGISHA, ArtisanGulu Architect

SARAH KUKIE , Project Design Manager

SARAH KUKIE, Project Design Manager